Indulgence: Preview showcase

Our ambassadors had the opportunity to sit through a preview of INDULGENCE – the first show of TheatreWorks’ Main Season 2015! INDULGENCE is a performance piece conceptualised by Eng Kai Er and her collaborators (and friends), Bernice Lee and Jereh Leong, which will be held at 72-13 from 20-23 May 2015. Read on to find out more on what our Ambassador, Annabelle Lim, has to share on the upcoming show.

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Prep for our upcoming Ambassadors and Volunteers’ Briefing

Yesterday, we conducted a trial session for our upcoming Ambassadors and Volunteers briefing which will happen on 2 May 2015 from 10am till 12pm at 72-13.

It was a fruitful session, as a group trying out different icebreakers, activities, interactive games. We too, tried out various activities to simulate some scenarios that we want to share with our new volunteers.

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