Getting to know our Ambassadors’ Programme!

Over the Mayday weekend, we conducted a briefing session to welcome the new TheatreWorks ambassadors. Our Ambassador and Blog Coordinator, Annabelle Lim, shares all about it in this coming post.

The briefing consisted of a few segments whereby our Engagement Executive, Brendan introduced the 30 year-old organization, TheatreWorks sharing its vision, mission and some of the past programmes. We also shared how flexible its home was at 72-13 Mohamed Sultan Road, where it could transform to literally anything possible in your imagination! Most importantly, we got to know how much the company supports Singapore artists in its manner to nurture and develop them!

Up next our Ambassadors’ Coordinator, Louisa shared more about the Ambassadors’ Programme. As an ambassador herself, she wanted to know more about our new volunteers and invited everyone to introduce themselves. Soon we learnt that we had everyone from different walks of life in the space! Lots of exciting roles to play ranging from Front of House, Photography/Videography and Writing! (Hint hint: you can contribute to our Blog too!)

For those interested to join our Ambassadors Programme and be involved with us at TheatreWorks, there are several opportunities in which you can contribute. These include volunteering as a front-of-house member, an archival personnel, becoming an artist liaison officer. If you feel you have what it takes to coordinate other initiatives or organize the entire Ambassadors’ Programme, do let us know too!

Also, if you are interested in writing, do sign up to be a writer for our ambassadors blog! This blog is simply a platform for all things arts as well as all things related to TheatreWorks. If you have a perspective of the arts that you would like to express, or if you have an opinion or a critic of an arts performance you’ve just watched, send it to us and we’ll be sure to have a look at it!


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