Our Ambassador shares his experience at INDULGENCE

We had recently concluded the exciting run of INDULGENCE which was held from 20-23 May 2015. INDULGENCE is a performance conceptualised by Eng Kai Er and her collaborators (and friends), Bernice Lee and Jereh Leong, gathered many enthusiastic responses and encouragement from the audience members who shared their views and comments on how much the performance resonated with them!

Amidst the crowd, we caught up with one of our fellow ambassadors who watched the performance! Daryl, shares his experience at INDULGENCE:

1. Which part of the performance could you relate to the most? Why?

I guess it’s the part where they were running around and playing with each other. It makes you think of your childhood, you have siblings or friends that you meet in your neighbourhood, somedays you’ll just play around with them, party… Not really party, you know what I mean. Kind of like reliving your childhood memories, expressing yourself.

2. Do you have any other comments on the show?

One part that intrigued me was both of them getting into the same suit, just walking around. Why, I have no idea, I just thought it was very interesting.

3. Do you enjoy being at TheatreWorks’ shows?


4. Do you like 72-13?

I think it’s a great place, you can hold a lot of stuff here. You can have visual arts exhibitions, performances in there, up there (Space 3), actually anywhere, here is also like a performance space (Space 1). It’s cool. It’s different from other performance spaces I’ve gone to. I feel that TheatreWorks, they want to give their artists a chance to just move around in the space and find what’s comfortable with them. Wherever they feel comfortable, I think they’ll just hold a performance wherever they like. It’s a flexible space.

Thanks Daryl for sharing!

If you would like to re-live the moments spent during Indulgence, do check out the Indulgence Blog for throwbacks to the event!

If you had caught the performance and want to share your comments, do drop a note to our Ambassadors’ Blog Coordinator, Annabelle Lim at annabellelim96@gmail.com. We will be glad to share your views with our readers!


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