Are you currently in the loop of the latest programmes from THE O.P.E.N.? A pre-festival of ideas, The O.P.E.N. is a public engagement initiative from the Singapore International Festival of Arts that offers 18 days of exploration. Our ambassador, Nur Atiqah, shares her experience as she sits through an intriguing dance performance, choreographed by Christian Duarte, entitled BIOMASHUP.

Presenting itself as a dance concert of six dancers and one musician, BIOMASHUP exceeds expectations. Entering the space of 72-13 with its pure white walls and minimalistic set up, I felt an overwhelming sense of excitement as I waited eagerly for the show to begin.

As the space begin to fill up with audience members taking their seats, the group of six dancers stood together in a circle, stoic and motionless. Time took a complete standstill as we waiting fervently in anticipation for the performance to begin. Without warning and almost instantaneously, all six dancers gradually moved from the first row all the way to the last. At this point in time, I knew I was going to be in for a whole new experience.

On multiple occasions, the performance broke out of the fourth wall, and crossed boundaries between the audience and performers as they paved their way in and out of the audience’s line of vision. I soon found myself to be one of ‘the lucky ones” to be surrounded by all six dancers as they were dancing. The close proximity, albeit intimidating at first, was what I found to be an interesting twist to the performance. I, for once, felt that I was part of the performance itself, even though I was simply an audience member.

What elevated the performance was the lovely addition of live music accompaniment by Tom Monteiro on the Theremin – an electronic instrument that can played without any physical contact. I found myself completely mesmerised as I took many second glances back at Tom Monteiro, feeling a sense of enthralment and bemusement at this enchanting instrument.

With the concept of BIOMASHUP being an experimentation of bodies as organised forms of movements, the performance was more than compelling, given that it was my first time watching a performance of such calibre. The O.P.E.N has given me countless opportunities to attend and catch shows that I would have otherwise not attended.

If you would like to catch more performances from THE O.P.E.N, I would definitely recommend you to come down for The Imagination of the Future, happening at 72-13 from 25 – 27 June 2015. Hurry, grab your tickets before it is sold out!


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