Reflection on Writings from the Heart (Part 2)

Following the exciting weekend at TheatreWorks, we have received many enthusiastic responses for Writings from the Heart – a series of public readings of 9 new plays! We have some of our ambassadors joining us as our audience members. Read on as Jinyi, shares her thoughts on the readings.

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Reflections on Writings from The Heart (Part 1)

We recently concluded Writings from The Heart  that was held from 10- 11 July at 72-13. Writings from The Heart premiered 9 new plays that were written by playwrights who were mentored by Tony Perez, a renowned Filipino playwright, novelist and visual artist since June 2014. Our Ambassador, Michelle Kee, shares with us her thoughts about the plays she watched over the course of the two days.

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The O.P.E.N. – The Imagination of The Future

Nearly three weeks ago, Chilean theatre company Teatro La Resentida put up the show The Imagination of the Future at The O.P.E.N. Described by Ong Keng Sen as a performance that reminded him of theatre in Singapore in the 90s, The Imagination of the Future is a physical and highly imaginative, outrageous performance that takes audiences on a journey to the different paths of history if only we could turn back time. Read on as one of our ambassadors, Wong Jinyi, shares her thoughts about the performance.

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