Two weeks ago, TheatreWorks presented one of its main season programmes, Incarnation of the Beast. Held on 15 to 17 October, we had several ambassadors who came and help us out for Front-of-House (FOH) duties. While helping us out, some of them managed to catch the show and are excited to share their experience. One of our ambassador, Han Chung, shares with us his thoughts and feelings towards the show.

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Experience at Singapore International Festival of the Arts 2015 Part 2

Another of our ambassadors, Nur Atiqah, shares her learning experience at Singapore International Festival of Arts (SIFA) 2015.

After being involved in SIFA 2014 as a Festival Ambassador, returning back to the festival yet again seems like a routinely task. This year, I had the opportunity to be a part of the frontline team as the Assistant Front-of-House Manager for several SIFA productions such as Cabanons and Tang Quartet: Black Angels.

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Experience at Singapore International Festival of Arts 2015, Part 1

Looking back at the past couple of months, TheatreWorks was heavily involved with Singapore International Festival of Arts (SIFA). Together with its engagement programmes, the whole festival lasted for about 4 months, from June to September this year. Some of our ambassadors helped out actively during that period as volunteers and Assistant Front of House (FOH) managers. One of our ambassadors, Wei Ting, shares her experience of helping out at SIFA, as well as the challenges she faced then.

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Reflection on IMH Production: “8 – 5”

About a month ago, we invited some ambassadors to a theatrical production by Institute of Mental Health (IMH). Directed by Dr Chris Tan and produced by Dr Lambert, the performance tells the stories of mental patients. The production was fully casted by personnel from IMH, including doctors, nurses and patients. Our ambassador, Michelle Kee, shares with us her thoughts about the production.

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IndigNation 2015 comes to an end at 72-13

IndigNation is the LGBT Pride season in Singapore, organised and celebrated by the LGBT community in Singapore. While it has not been an easy journey going through censorship and licensing schemes, they have come a long way. This year, IndigNation celebrates its 11th anniversary, presenting a wide variety of programmes and activities.

Last weekend, IndigNation 2015 held two of its last programmes at 72-13: Sex Ed Workshop and Contradiction XI: Sexual History. Through the sharing of personal stories and intimate conversations, the programmes were highly engaging and intriguing. Our Engagement Intern, Michelle Kee, shares with us what she thinks after attending both programmes.

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