TheatreWorks Ambassadors’ Blog

Welcome to the TheatreWorks Ambassadors’ Blog! Here at the TheatreWorks Ambassadors’ Programme, we hope to provide avenues for volunteers to develop themselves beyond their volunteering stints, to grow and increase their capabilities in different areas of interest. As such, this blog was introduced as a platform for volunteers to hone their creative writing skills and share about their volunteering experiences.

We have Annabelle Lim, a TheatreWorks’ Ambassador, hopping onboard as the main Editor-in-Chief for the blog. Here’s what she has to say:

“All of us who are familiar with the arts industry would know how fundamental volunteers are during performances as front-of-house staff or ushers. However, I for a long time felt as though these volunteering stints were merely a series of events. They never lasted for more than a day, and after the event, there was not much that volunteers could look forward to apart from another event. So when I was told of this new idea and this new initiative of TheatreWorks to introduce a blog for its volunteers by its volunteers, I was intrigued. The entire idea then further enticed me to accept becoming a writer for the blog.”

Annabelle Lim (far left in picture)

What can you expect from the blog?

This blog stretches out to becoming more than just a blog out of the umbrella of TheatreWorks’ many initiatives to reach out to the public. This blog serves as a platform for volunteers, for us, to express our opinions, our views, our perspectives. This blog serves to be that platform for us, volunteers to continue our engagement in the arts scene, to go beyond the standardized sessions of volunteering and to sit back at our screens at the end of the day to craft out a post that expresses our opinions about something we had just witnessed.

Apart from that, we aim for this blog to serve as an open, informative space for our volunteers. A guidebook where volunteers can help other volunteers prepare for their volunteering stints and be equipped with basic 101 volunteering skills so that all our volunteers are prepared and ready when they arrive to volunteer. This blog also aims to include reviews written personally by our volunteers, and hence becoming that space where volunteers are encouraged to express themselves through writing.

And because your opinions matters the most in this blog, the open call programme that we offer welcomes and encourages all volunteers to come and write an article for the blog.

If this blog idea has managed to interest you as much as it did to me, come join us in this initiative that brings across our voices and opinions in a single space. A space where the volunteers matters most. Click here to register your interest and we’ll be sure to get back to you. Stay tuned to this space for regular updates!


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