In conversation with Past Ambassador Coordinator, Louisa Vilinne

Following on from our previous conversation with Sara Lau, here we have a conversation with another past ambassador coordinator. Since 2013, Louisa Vilinne has been regularly helping out at TheatreWorks’ programmes. Her passion for theatre and love for TheatreWorks has also made her the second ambassador coordinator of TheatreWorks Ambassadors’ Programme (TAP). Our engagement intern, Michelle Kee checked in with her to understand her learning journey at TheatreWorks and her perception towards TAP.

…to participate beyond just being a passive audience member.

– Louisa Vilinne, TAP’s Past Ambassador Coordinator

1 What was your impetus in joining this programme? 

I have always enjoyed volunteering for TheatreWorks’ for their distinctive and thought provoking productions are a joy to watch, and their staff are amiable and genuine. After my first stint with them in 2013 – helping out with Front-of-House for Of Babies (not really) and People, I found myself coming back to volunteer for their programmes regularly; thus it seemed perfectly natural to be part of a long term volunteer programme with TheatreWorks.

2 What was your role as an ambassador coordinator? 

As the ambassador coordinator, I was responsible for gathering volunteers when needed, as well as reaching out to new potential ambassadors amongst the regular volunteers. Earlier in April, I helped to conduct a recruitment drive for new blood, reaching out to the art and drama teachers of secondary and tertiary level students.

Lou at RD

At the recruitment drive, Louisa was giving a presentation to new ambassadors

3 How has this experience been different from your other volunteering experiences? 

Apart from TheatreWorks, most of my volunteering experiences with other local art organisations are often one-offs. TAP encourages one to volunteer on a regular basis, providing more opportunities to make new friends with other volunteers.

4 How have you benefitted from this programme? What do you think are some of the skills you have honed? 

Unexpectedly, helping out as an ambassadors coordinator has helped to hone my writing skills for emails! Serving as the Front-of-House manager for certain productions have also taught me to be more observant of my surroundings to prevent mishaps from happening during an event.

Lou at meeting

Louisa is diligently writing down notes during a meeting

5 What do you think was achieved through this engagement programme? 

I feel that this programme is a great initiative that not only provides but encourages people interested in theatre to participate beyond just being a passive audience member.

6 Do you think this programme is important to encourage volunteerism in Singapore? 

Yes, it is important!

7 Why should more people be part of this?

Being an ambassador at TheatreWorks provides great opportunity to expose oneself to local theatre and various different theatre styles. If you are interested to find out more about how theatre productions are run, join TAP and you will get a glimpse before the show starts!

Find out more about our first ambassador coordinator, Sara Lau through the conversation below!


Interested in getting more insights and fulfilling experiences in the arts industry? Click HERE to join our TAP family today!


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