Volunteering Experience at TheatreWorks

Our TheatreWorks Ambassadors’ Programme (TAP) started in 2013 and has garnered a lot of support and new friends. Ambassadors were involved in TheatreWorks’ programmes, in one way or another. Some of the recent events in 2015 include our annual Performance tour of Three Inches of Alive to the South East District, Indulgence by Eng Kai Er, 24-Hour Playwriting Competition at the IMH, Writing From The Heart by Tony Perez, Singapore International Festival of Arts (SIFA), and Incarnation of the Beast by Joavien Ng. 

The programme has successfully been able to broaden the experience and deepen our ambassadors’ knowledge in their passion for the Arts through many hands-on experience and bonding. Through that, they have also been able to begin to advocate and share their interests with new members and interests in the Arts at TheatreWorks and 72-13.

Engagement Intern Michelle Kee spoke to our current ambassadors to find out more about their experiences at our programmes at TheatreWorks and 72-13.

Tworks _ 72-13memorablePerception for volunteerismOne word

We thank all our ambassadors who have shared this journey with us and contributed their heartfelt words of encouragement to the programme.

Join our TAP family HERE today!


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