Our Ambassador, John shares his reflections of 50/50

Over the past three weeks, TheatreWorks presented, 50/50 conceived by our Associate Artist, Loo Zihan. Held on 4, 11, 18 December, the series of dance classes had numerous ambassadors who came and help out for Front-of-House (FOH) duties. Some of them managed to participate in the class and are excited to share their experience. One of our new ambassador, John Emmanuel Gagero, shared his thoughts on 50/50, as well as his volunteering experience at TheatreWorks so far.


50/50 was an eye opener for me as it was my first time actually learning a social dance and it really puts me in a position where I must interact with complete strangers and to dance with them. It was uncomfortable at first as I’ve said it was something new. However, overtime I got used to it and deepened my appreciation for social dance and Lindy Hop for that matter. The teachers (Loo Zihan and his collaborators) were also very interesting as they incorporated their background stories into the whole aspect of teaching, by sharing their perspectives of Lindy Hop.

Furthermore, 72-13 as an arts space is very spacious and definitely complemented 50/50. Overall, it was a very enriching experience and it further cultivates my appreciation for the arts.

As a volunteer, I was tasked on roles at Front of House. This included managing the reception bar, checking our participants’ baggages and handing out House Programmes. On top of that, I got the opportunity to observe and participate in the classes too! It has been a smooth and enjoyable experience volunteering with TheatreWorks! I get to meet new people, not just my fellow ambassadors but also the people attending the programmes.

5050 opens! (7dec)


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