Getting to know our ambassadors, Part 1

To understand how our ambassadors feel and thought about their volunteering experiences at TheatreWorks, we are conducting a series of interviews with numerous TheatreWorks ambassadors. Starting off this series will be the interview with Khaw Han Chung, a NAFA student pursuing his Diploma in Arts Management. Passionate about the arts, Han Chung has been actively volunteering for many local arts events. Let’s find out more about his thoughts towards TheatreWorks’ Ambassador Programme (TAP).

I always believe that every art community have their stories to inspire people.

– Khaw Han Chung, TheatreWorks’ Ambassador

Han Chung

1 Tell us more about yourself. How did you get into arts volunteerism?

I’m Han Chung from Penang, Malaysia and I am currently pursuing a Diploma in Arts Management at Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts (NAFA). I have been interested in the arts since I was young, and is always finding opportunities to engage with the art community. I always believe that every art community have their stories to inspire people. Therefore, I get into arts volunteerism so I can help arts companies get even closer to their audiences and provide them with pleasurable and meaningful experiences at TheatreWorks.

This is also why I chose to volunteer at TheatreWorks. Other than providing a wonderful space for the artists, TheatreWorks also presents amazing productions for audiences to enjoy.

2 Do share with us some of your past volunteering experiences at TheatreWorks.

My first volunteering experience with TheatreWorks was Indulgence by Eng Kai Er. This performance opened my mind and made me realise that performances do not necessarily take place on a stage, but it can occur anywhere around you! I’m really glad to see the audience members walking around curiously and enjoying themselves during the show.

My second experience was during Incarnation of the Beast by Joavien Ng. Through the piece, I was able to understand sufferings better, and it started me thinking on how our lives can be peaceful or in chaos. The format of the performance was very interesting as I notice how audiences responded differently to the ending of the performance.

3 What are some of your takeaways from TheatreWorks Ambassadors’ Programme?

Besides meeting new friends and people who have interest in arts, I also get new inspirations from the performances and people around me. With these inspirations, I began discovering more about myself through arts, and learn to live positively in this world.

4 As an ambassador, what do you look forward to?

As an ambassador, there are more to look forward to other than greeting audience members and making sure that they have an enjoyable time at TheatreWorks. For me, I especially look forward to seeing more youths attending arts events. I would encourage them to come for shows, so they can enjoy the performances and get new insights into the arts.

Do keep a look out for more upcoming interviews with ambassadors! Interested in arts volunteerism? Join our TAP family here today.


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