TheatreWorks Ambassadors’ Programme offers numerous opportunities for everyone to get involved in the arts. Whether you’re an avid theatre-goer or even if its your first time venturing to the theatre, we warmly welcome you to join us.

Geraldine Loh, one of our new Ambassadors, shared with us her virgin experience in the theatre while helping out during Between Consciousness. 


I was fortunate to have the opportunity to volunteer with TheatreWorks for their show Between Consciousness. Besides volunteering at front of house, I also got to catch the performance by the first prize winner of TheatreWorks’ 24-Hour Playwriting Competition with the audience.

As it was my first time watching a play, I did not know what to expect. With my lack of knowledge in theatre, I did not bear much hopes of understanding or enjoying it as well. I always viewed theatre to be something abstract and deep, an art form not to be appreciated by everyone. Although the show was a mere 45 minutes long, it invoked a multitude of emotions in me and made me reflect on the issues portrayed throughout the show. 

Between Consciousness shed a light on how a father had to bring up an autistic child and who eventually faced emotional stress as he tried countless ways to care for the child. I found myself being able to understand and empathised with the actors, as I was gradually gripped by the emotions and plot of the play. It made me recall how I used to look at people with mental illness, while instinctively judging and labelling them as “weird” when I was younger. There was always this perception that mentally ill individuals are completely different from us. Between Consciousness however showed me the inner and innocent world of a child with autism and made me realise just how similar the boy actually is when compared to all of us. It is only in his unique form of expressions that is deemed different and unfathomable. 

The father, worn out from taking care of his child, still cares and loves his child tremendously and does not give up on him. The captivating acting of the performers brought several key messages of the play across to the audience and in a very strong manner as well. This experience really brought myself, and I believe other members of the audience as well, on an emotional rollercoaster ride as we laughed and cried while watching the play.

I personally feel that this initiative by TheatreWorks which involves bringing the arts to the neighbourhoods, is an ingenious one as the arts is made more accessible for the public to enjoy. I would certainly recommend and hope for more of such shows in the future, as it has completely changed my initial impression of theatre and the arts.

We still have four performance of Between Consciousness this week at Marine Parade CC from 17-19 March. Reserve your seats here!
We have more events coming up in April, so keep an eye out for them!

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