Getting to Know our Ambassadors – Chermaine Cham

We have been conducting interviews with our Ambassadors to find out how they think and feel about their volunteering experience with TheatreWorks! For today’s interview, we caught up with Chermaine Cham. Passionate about the arts, let’s find out more about her thoughts towards TAP!

“The smallest details make the biggest difference in ensuring a pleasant experience for the audience/participants.”

– Chermaine Cham, TheatreWorks Ambassador


Tell us more about yourself. How did you get involved in arts volunteerism?

Hi, my name is Chermaine and I am a Year 2 Theatre Studies undergraduate at the National University of Singapore (NUS). Before my foray into Theatre in NUS, I was never in touch with any Theatre or drama clubs. Learning about Theatre in NUS intrigued me and I wondered what was out there in the Theatre scene in Singapore. As such, I started off by volunteering, to better understand the behind-the-scenes work in a professional Theatre company.

Do share with us your experiences volunteering with TheatreWorks. How does it make you feel?

The most impressionable volunteering experience was for the TheatreWorks 24-Hour Playwriting Competition. I saw how much effort was put into the planning of the competition and it was interesting to meet playwrights and gain insight to the challenges thrown to the participants.

What are some of your takeaways as an Ambassador?

I get to meet a lot of amazing people and make friends. I also learned a lot about managing logistics and customer service. The smallest details make the biggest difference in ensuring a pleasant experience for the audience/participants.

What do you hope to see in the future as an Ambassador?

I look forward to meeting more like-minded people through volunteering at TheatreWorks and also give back to the Arts scene in Singapore.

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Do keep a look out for more upcoming interviews with our Ambassadors! Interested in arts volunteerism? Join our TAP family here today!