Getting to know our ambassadors, Part 1

To understand how our ambassadors feel and thought about their volunteering experiences at TheatreWorks, we are conducting a series of interviews with numerous TheatreWorks ambassadors. Starting off this series will be the interview with Khaw Han Chung, a NAFA student pursuing his Diploma in Arts Management. Passionate about the arts, Han Chung has been actively volunteering for many local arts events. Let’s find out more about his thoughts towards TheatreWorks’ Ambassador Programme (TAP).

I always believe that every art community have their stories to inspire people.

– Khaw Han Chung, TheatreWorks’ Ambassador

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Discussion on Volunteerism in Singapore

Following on from our previous conversations with our past ambassador coordinators, here’s another discussion we had with one of our long-term ambassador, Valerie Ng. Valerie is a student in Ngee Ann Polytechnic, who is currently pursuing a diploma in Arts Business Management. Our engagement intern, Michelle Kee held a short discussion with her on TheatreWorks Ambassadors’ Programme (TAP) and volunteerism in Singapore.

I think volunteerism should be done from the heart and it should be something that you really want to do.

– Valerie Ng, TheatreWorks’ Ambassador

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Our Ambassador, John shares his reflections of 50/50

Over the past three weeks, TheatreWorks presented, 50/50 conceived by our Associate Artist, Loo Zihan. Held on 4, 11, 18 December, the series of dance classes had numerous ambassadors who came and help out for Front-of-House (FOH) duties. Some of them managed to participate in the class and are excited to share their experience. One of our new ambassador, John Emmanuel Gagero, shared his thoughts on 50/50, as well as his volunteering experience at TheatreWorks so far.

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Volunteering Experience at TheatreWorks

Our TheatreWorks Ambassadors’ Programme (TAP) started in 2013 and has garnered a lot of support and new friends. Ambassadors were involved in TheatreWorks’ programmes, in one way or another. Some of the recent events in 2015 include our annual Performance tour of Three Inches of Alive to the South East District, Indulgence by Eng Kai Er, 24-Hour Playwriting Competition at the IMH, Writing From The Heart by Tony Perez, Singapore International Festival of Arts (SIFA), and Incarnation of the Beast by Joavien Ng. 

The programme has successfully been able to broaden the experience and deepen our ambassadors’ knowledge in their passion for the Arts through many hands-on experience and bonding. Through that, they have also been able to begin to advocate and share their interests with new members and interests in the Arts at TheatreWorks and 72-13.

Engagement Intern Michelle Kee spoke to our current ambassadors to find out more about their experiences at our programmes at TheatreWorks and 72-13.

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TAP Open Call and Preview of 50/50

It’s time again for our briefing to new Ambassadors at TheatreWorks! Our Ambassador Coordinator, Lee Wei Ting, introduced our new ambassadors more about the programme, what they can expect and exciting news.  To offer a better understanding to our newcomers about TheatreWorks and 72-13, we screened our newly crafted engagement video during the briefing.

In offering a full first-hand introduction and experience at TheatreWorks, they were invited to the preview of our upcoming programme, 50/50. They enjoyed this exclusive and shared their experience with us!

…I look forward to gaining more experience and exposure to different forms of art through TheatreWorks Ambassadors’ Programme…

– John Emmanuel, Ambassador

I’m always interested in the Arts, that’s why I want to be an ambassador.

– Jane Zhang Shu, Ambassador

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In conversation with Past Ambassador Coordinator, Louisa Vilinne

Following on from our previous conversation with Sara Lau, here we have a conversation with another past ambassador coordinator. Since 2013, Louisa Vilinne has been regularly helping out at TheatreWorks’ programmes. Her passion for theatre and love for TheatreWorks has also made her the second ambassador coordinator of TheatreWorks Ambassadors’ Programme (TAP). Our engagement intern, Michelle Kee checked in with her to understand her learning journey at TheatreWorks and her perception towards TAP.

…to participate beyond just being a passive audience member.

– Louisa Vilinne, TAP’s Past Ambassador Coordinator

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Conversation with our past Ambassador Coordinator, Sara Lau

Launched in 2014, TheatreWorks Ambassadors’ Programme (TAP) was led by our long-time regular volunteer, Sara Lau as the first ambassador coordinator. As the first coordinator, she has gained a diverse experience through the programme such as liaising with volunteers, coordinating for Front-of-House (FOH) duties and managing events. Our engagement intern, Michelle Kee spoke with her to understand more about her role as an ambassador coordinator and  her impetus towards arts volunteerism through TAP. Let’s find out more!

… at TheatreWorks, you get the opportunity to learn, there’s no immediate expectation…

– Sara Lau, Past Ambassador Coordinator

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Open Call for Ambassadors!

TheatreWorks is organising its second Ambassador Recruitment Drive this December! Sign up now to join us in our ambassadors’ team and you can expect to experience an enriching and exciting time in the arts! Meet new friends who share the same interests as you, as the team takes on a wide variety of tasks such as artist liaison, front of house and stage management.

Here we have an ambassador who has been with us since her first year at Ngee Ann Polytechnic Arts Management, to share with us her experience so far. Annabelle was also one of the members who founded our Ambassadors’ Blog, encouraging our ambassadors and volunteers to write and reflect on their experiences.

It has been a very insightful experience volunteering at TheatreWorks, I have forged many friendships and gain greater insights on how an arts organisation work.

– Annabelle Lim

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